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Karl Yost






Karl has directed remediation and environmental construction resources at hundreds of emergency response, RCRA, TSCA, Superfund, and voluntary clean-up sites in the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest, and other locations across the country over the course of his 40-year career. He has delivered off-the-shelf as well as innovative water/waste treatment technologies and led their development from concept through full-scale application and commercialization.


Earlier in his career, Karl was the inventor/co-inventor of the MAECTITE® chemical treatment technology for leachable metals and radionuclides, and MatCon® impermeable asphalt for environmental caps and covers.

His roles have included:


  • NPDES permit Compliance Auditor;

  • USEPA Response Manager;

  • VP Technical Services, MAECORP Incorporated;

  • Director of Treatment Services, Sevenson Environmental Services; and

  • Environmental Division Manager, Granite Construction Company.


In 2010, Karl changed his career focus to water treatment where he served as the Director of Treatment Services for WaterTectonics. In 2013, Karl established Yost Brothers as a consulting business providing expertise to environmental remediation contractors and treatment service providers.



  • AMEOX TM technology for PFAS destruction in water and fluids, as well as GAC


  • MBT families of technology reagents to address solids and soil remediation for PFAS, heavy metals, and other leachable contaminants;

  • Advanced Neutralization treatment technology (AN) for acidity and heavy metals found in acid mine drainage and landfill leachate; and

  • The IMC protocol to mitigate and permanently close legacy mine sources of acid mine drainage and provide acid mine drainage risk management for active mines.


Karl founded YB Technologies in 2019 to bring state-of-the art PFAS treatment equipment and services to industrial and other sites across the country, as well as technology for acidity and leachable heavy metals treatment. YB Technologies can also lead remediation projects at active and legacy mines—whether the goal is to mitigate and close the site or develop a system for in-mine residuals management.


Beginning with a B.A. with honors in biology from Albion College in Michigan, Karl has dedicated four decades to treating water, waste, and cleaning up contaminated sites. He looks forward to working with new clients intent on treating PFAS, heavy metals, and acid mine drainage.  Read more about Karl's background and see project examples here.

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