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As concerns around the country mount about PFAS presence in groundwater and drinking water supplies, PFAS treatment efforts fall on granular activated carbon (GAC) as the primary method for PFAS removal.  While GAC will produce safe high-quality water with low PFAS levels, PFAS transfer from the water and its subsequent concentration in GAC causes another costly management concern.  As water professionals know, the follow-on challenge of managing GAC media exhausted with PFAS is an expensive, and yet, essential proposition.  PFAS-laden GAC must be handled to accommodate PFAS leachability at minimum, and facilitate PFAS destruction at best to halt PFAS migration.


AMEOsystems from YB Technologies utilize a unique combination of electro-chemical cavitation, acoustic energy, and other inducing processes to create the best available technology to break carbon-fluorine chemical bonds causing destruction of PFAS and related compounds. GAC is "revitalized" and may then be reused, recycled, or properly disposed more cost-effectively than in the past.

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  • Destroys PFAS in spent granular activated carbon (GAC) and fluid concentrates.

  • Produces GAC suitable for water treatment re-servicing, alternative reuse, or landfill disposal.

  • Fluids and concentrates conditioned for reuse or suitable discharge.

  • Offers low operating and system life-cycle costs.

  • Produces powerful mixed oxidants in a closed loop.

  • Skid mounted for flexible housing options.

  • Uses electricity, with low power demand(<100 amps) at ambient temperatures.

  • Couples with Advanced Neutralization™ (AN™) and MBT technologies for heavy metal removal from water and fixation in residual AN solids.​

  • Patented/patents-pending in the US and abroad.  Exclusively licensed to YB Technologies.

YB Technologies provides patented/patents-pending PFAS treatment methods, equipment, and services to meet a range of remediation and management challenges. We can provide studies, systems, and support to project stakeholders, or furnish turnkey systems and services to address PFAS destruction at your site.


Learn more about how YB Technology's AMEOX® systems work, and contact us to discuss how we can team with you to break the "PFAS forever" cycle.

PFAS Spent Drinking Water Coal GAC for A
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