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  • Material processing and handling technology for the management or closure of legacy, abandoned, or active mines that produce Acid Mine Drainage.

  • Onsite manufacturing of a mine-stowing/packing material product from mine/ore-processing residuals that remains stable in mines when contacted by AMD.

  • Destroys sulfides and sulfide-producing materials in processed mine residuals end-product to prevent formation of AMD.

  • Removes heavy metals and destroys sulfides carried by AMD when contacted.

  • Seals mine fractures, seams and voids.

  • Can by stowed by slurry for pumping or dry for stacking.

  • Includes capture and treatment of displaced mine fluids including AMD.

  • Suitable for localized in-mine containment in large voids with dams, revetments, berms, etc.

  • Couples with AN™, MBT, and MBT-ES technologies

  • Patents-pending in the US and abroad are exclusively licensed to YB Technologies.

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